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Mikey Mester

// Drums


Yo peeps it's Mike Boii!  If I'm not behind a kit, you can find me looking for a kit!  I live and breathe music and it is hard to find me doing anything else, besides chillin wit my homies!  My super-power is intense stink faces and an endless appetite. My weakness DONT EXIST, so don't look for um!

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Kevin Almanza

// Guitarist

Hey, how's it going! I play one of the guitars for this band. If you listen to what I play, you should know one thing: Jazz

I love me some jazz chords. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I started branching out a little musically, but the Jazz always calls out to me.


Dylan Langschwager// Bass


Hey there! My name is Dylan Langschwager and I play bass in the group! I like to think I'm funny but I all I ever say are dad jokes. Like how I made a playlist for whenever I hike. It has music from the Peanuts, The Cranberries and Eminem. 


I call it my trail mix..


Anyways, I like to think I bring a special kind of character and personality to Center City Drive as I see everyone in the band do! All in all, I'm just happy to be playing music with good friends and awesome musicians. 


Tony Destin

// Vocalist


Yo what's good fam, It's ya boi Tony back out here! When I'm not singing you might catch a brother behind a trumpet or a piano. At the end of the day I'm just trying to marinate so good music out here.

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Bryan Rojas 

// Vocalist, Guitarist


What le good-skis, its Bryan Rojas aka B RO, I’m all about them spacey chords and bluesy feels! Catch me out here makin dem slappy beats and dancin like no tomorrow

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